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ontd_oldhollywd's Journal

ONTD Old Hollywood
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ONTD: Old Hollywood edition!

old but not forgotten

Are you a classic film aficionado? Do you love the actors of years past? Do you get excited every time there’s an Old Hollywood post on ONTD? If you do, this is the community for you!

Things to Know
1. This community is members only, so you have to join to see the posts. Membership is open, so join away!

2. Don’t lurk! Frequent commenting and posting are both welcomed and encouraged.

3. Posting anything relating to Old Hollywood in any way is acceptable! Really, I don't care. To be honest, if your post is an off topic chat post, I wouldn’t really care either. Picspams, party posts, whatever. Posting is open to all members and is unmoderated at the moment.

4. Please, no advertising. That’s not what this community’s about. If you want to promote a community, please PM or email me and I’ll give you the thumbs up before you post.

5. Be respectful, civilized, etc etc etc. You all know the drill.

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